• Teak furniture left untreated after purchasing, or older pieces that have aged, will deteriorate and turn gray. We can restore your teak furniture to its original look and offer many levels of restoration depending on your furniture’s needs.

    Restoration includes cleaning your furniture with a surface wash. This removes all the dirt from the grain of the wood. If necessary, we use bleach and scrubbing to bring the teak back to its original color. Once it is dry, we will then sand the teak back to its natural texture. Multiple levels of sanding may be required with older furniture. Teak furniture that has not weathered completely but shows signs of graying can be sanded completely. Once the teak is restored to its natural state, we apply your chosen sealer.

    If stripping is required, a cold solvent bath is used to remove old varnish, polyurethane or stain. Once the furniture is completely clean, we bathe it with a hot acidic wash to remove any impurities. After it dries, the furniture is sanded smooth and the sealer of your choice is applied to prevent it from weathering. All of our stripping is done in-house to ensure that it is done right the first time. Furniture designers and manufacturers nationwide choose DOCTOR+TEAK for all their finishing needs.

    Call or email DOCTOR+TEAK today for a Free Consultation! We will assess your teak furniture's needs, and help you find the right finish for your new furniture. Our 10 years of experience sealing new teak furniture will guarantee a first class result! (866) 750 – 2628 or Contact Dr Teak.