• Many high-end residences and luxury commercial properties use teak and its South American cousin IPE for decks, patios, siding, fences, railings, gates, stairways and pergolas. These architectural additions can be treated just like teak furniture. Sealing, sanding and restoration services can be done on-site.

    Sealing – When IPE or teak is new and used in an architectural setting, it needs to be lightly sanded and sealed as soon as it is installed. Sealing helps to block out mildew, moisture and premature weathering.

    Sanding - If the IPE or teak has been exposed to the elements for too long, we can restore it to its original state by using multiple levels of sanding, and then apply an oil-based sealer to protect it and prevent premature aging.

    Restoration - If the IPE or teak has turned gray, we will power-wash it clean. After the wood has dried, we will then sand it and apply an oil based sealer to protect it and prevent premature aging.

    We are a fully licensed contractor in California with a trained, uniformed, and licensed staff. The West Coast’s finest custom home builders and architectural firms choose Doctor + Teak for preserving their outdoor hardwoods.

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